July 17, 2016

I am happy to note and announce that GitHub now fully supports the EQ programming language in GitHub code repositories. EQ source code is correctly classified as EQ, and the files are nicely syntax highlighted when browsing them through the browser. Support for EQ was added in the Linguist project and whoever would use Linguist will also be fully EQ aware. Thanks to the nice folks (Paul Chaignon) from the Linguist project.

For a long time, we (the Eqela team) were never really active GitHub members. So we also didn't pay much attention to what was going on there or how well things were or were not supported. But since we lately DID become active (by placing active development of Jkop EQ and Sympathy on GitHub), we also noticed that GitHub wasn't aware of how to correctly handle the EQ programming language. At first the Jkop EQ repository was classified as mostly C++, which we felt like wasn't quite right.

So we prompted the guys at GitHub about this and they quickly fixed things.

In addition to the smoothness of that communication, what was particularly uplifting about the experience was the fact that upon investigation, they also noted that there were thousands upon thousands of EQ source code files on GitHub. Which we really actually didn't know about. It was happy to see that so many people had developed things in EQ and using the Eqela development tools, and had made the code available for others. And from now forward, they will get correctly classified in statistics as well :)

More power to the Eqela developer community. A new version of the language is coming.

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